Breaking News: Touring Roster Announced!

On Wednesday, Coach Flores announced the official touring roster. These 26 players will be playing 15s matches against the Czech and Swiss National Teams over Spring Break, in a unique opportunity for women’s rugby teams. The group is composed of four freshmen, six sophomores, five juniors, and eleven seniors. In addition, a game against URI has been scheduled to practice 15s during mid-March, with another against Bryant in the works. Without further ado, the twenty-six players are:

Daisy Alvarado-Munoz
Jade Carlson
Joanna Chatham
Beth Clifton
Kebbeh Darpolor
Lilly Dominguez
Beth Dubois
Taylor Fearing
Oksana Goretaya
Courtney Hoggard
Gwynedd Kieffer
Nikki Lee
Louise Leitao
Tiara Mack
Jasmine McAdams
Kiki Morgan
Catherine Nacier
Emma Needham
Uzoamaka Okoro
Lauren Oxendine
Amber Reano
Monica Roth
Sofie Rudin
Ruby Steedle
Cassie Sutten Coats
Hannah Yi