April 10th, 2016: Sorensen Cup

Ever since stepping back on American soil a week ago, this has been a crazy week! We were welcomed back to Providence with a lovely (and I say that sarcastically) snow storm that prevented us from practicing Monday night. (Though I think most of us who went on tour were relieved that our bodies got an extra day to recover—three games in four days is tough).

Luckily, we were back at it with practice on Wednesday, where we spent the time adjusting from 15s to 7s. After all, most of us hadn’t played 7s since last spring and some of us had never played before.

On Thursday, Providence decided to give us more crazy weather: a huge storm and a flash flood warning. A little rain (and by a little rain, I mean the rain was stronger than the water pressure in my shower) couldn’t deter us, and we practiced anyway.


(Our rain-soaked bodies after Thursday practice)

Saturday, we hosted the Sorensen Cup, a 7s tournament that included AIC, Army, Dartmouth, Norwich, Sacred Heart, Quinnipiac, UNE, West Chester, (and of course Brown). A side finished 2-2, beating West Chester 10-5, losing to Norwich 24-7, losing to AIC 24-17, and finishing the day with a win against Norwich B side. Our B side tied both UNE (15-15) and Dartmouth B side (5-5), and lost to Army B side 19-0. On the A side, Quinnipiac were the champions of the tournament.


(Tiara and me, with a wonderful photobomb by Uzo)


(Monica in action)


(Celebrating the win with a great rendition of “Hey Baby”)

Though we lost two games, this tournament was a great experience for us, as we faced tough competition, and we definitely improved our 7s game, which is great going forward into the Ivy Championships in two weeks (April 23 at Princeton).

Today (Sunday), we woke up bright and early (11am for me), and started the day with an active recovery: Tug for a Cure! Tug for a Cure is an event hosted by Brown’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) that raises money for cancer research in the form of a tug-of-war tournament. Not only did we raise money for a good cause, we also dominated the competition, going undefeated and winning the entire competition! (We also got some pretty sweet T-shirts).

Clif 5

(Tug-of-war champions)

We have next weekend off, but that just gives us more time for training (and/or Spring Weekend…)! We’re looking forward to the Ivy Championships, where we can hopefully do as well as we did in the tug-of-war competition.

Rugby love,




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