April 1 — DAY EIGHT

We spent Friday getting in shape for sevens season around the corner. Just kidding! But after cramming into a hotel room to hang out in the morning, we did begin the day with a workout, climbing a steep hill and many flights of stairs to reach Prague Castle. We’d spent our other free days exploring Zurich and Prague in smaller groups, but for our final day of tour we visited the castle all together.

Morning hangoutTeam climbing stairsTeam by fountain


The castle is a sprawling complex of buildings of various ages. Newer buildings enclose older ones, creating a maze of different rooms and courtyards through which guards in fur hats and collars march. We dissipated into the castle, stumbling through bedrooms, immense halls, and torture chambers. One passageway opened up onto a stunning view of the cathedral, one of many perfect photo/selfie-ops. 🙂

ChurchChurch photosTeam walking

We reconvened to leave the castle and spend the rest of the day walking and eating (what could be better?). We continued up the hill to an old monastery, with sweeping views of the city along the way. We broke up into smaller groups for the rest of the day, and my group stopped at the top of the hill for a delicious lunch before moseying back down the hill. We were draw into a chocolate shop by free samples, and bought some Czech hot chocolate – wonderful chocolate sludge so thick it’s essentially just melted chocolate. Fortunately the cups are tiny because I wouldn’t have been able to handle any more! With this fueling us, we walked back to the hotel for a quick team meeting about the logistics of the next 36 hours, pausing to admire the city from the Charles Bridge.

View of PragueBridge

Tour has flown by, and I know it’s a cliché but I really do feel so much closer to the teammates I’ve gotten to spend this week with. Whether pumping each other up on the field, chatting over a shared meal, or laughing while getting lost in the cobbled streets, I’ve grown to know and love each and every person a little bit more.



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