March 29 — DAY FIVE

After our amazing time getting to play against the Swiss national team we got on the bus and headed down to Prague. We were all pretty exhausted when we arrived as our sleep ranged from 0-passed out on the bus floor for the entire 8 hour ride. Many of us rallied and went straight to find food and explore the city, while others slipped into bed to rest before waking to a beautiful and warm day. We experienced so much culture, from Stromboli at the local farmers market to visiting one of Europe’s oldest active Jewish synagogues. In stark comparison to Zurich I found myself buying a ton, but spending very little. After a long day of venturing through the city we had team dinner at a nice little vegetarian spot near our hotel. It was nice to come together and hear all that the different groups had experienced and seen throughout the day. Tomorrows game day and I know everyone is super ready and pumped to see what else the Czech Republic has in store for us.


Josephine Darpolor


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