March 28 — DAY FOUR

Saturday’s a Rugby Day…and so is Monday in Switzerland! Today was our first game while on tour in beautiful Europe and I can say one thing without a doubt – we got to play at one of the most scenic pitches, surrounded by the snowcapped Alps and a nearby lake.



The day started early at breakfast time as the team filtered down, matching of course, towards the lobby to fuel their bodies for the game. And as soon as we were done, we were off to the pitch to do what we came here for, to play rugby. The bus was full of excitement as our girls tried to snap quick photos of the passing scenery. A few of us got sick from the windy bus ride up (namely me) but we finally made it! One small problem, it was Easter Monday and everything was locked. But no fear, we occupied our time laying around, enjoying the scenery and a few of the girls even went to the nearby market in town.


Finally, the Swiss team got to the facility and we got access to the locker room, and more importantly bathrooms. The uniforms were laid out (particularly for the blog aesthetics), and everyone piled in to get ready for the match. It was a gorgeous day for rugby and warm ups went by without a hitch. We got our jersey’s on and it was GAME TIME.


Let me tell you, this was a rough match for us both physically and emotionally. There must be something in all the cheese and bread in Switzerland because these girls hit us hard. With a final score of 20-15 Suisse, it was a close game. Although a little disappointing of a finish, this only means there is that much room to improve on during the rest of tour!


Arguably the most exciting part of the afternoon was the amazing bratwursts and food that the Swiss team fed us after the game. After a few days in Zurich, I wanted some meet! And the bratwursts sure did not disappoint. During this social, the Swiss team also had gifts for everyone of our players. Not to be biased, but I think my gift was the coolest.


Once all the food was gone and the kegs were emptied, we piled back onto the bus for our overnight venture to Prague. Now we’re off exploring the city and resting up for our game against the Czech National Team. Until next time here is Kathy being cute as always!


-Hannah ‘18


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