March 26 — DAY TWO

Howdy friends!

Our first day in Zurich was busy and tiring but, ultimately, so surreal and amazing! We arrived in Zurich on Saturday morning (at least by Zurich’s time. It was definitely about six am on the East Coast, and we were all feeling that).

After getting to the hotel and getting settled, we got right to work — practicing our plays in a nearby park, surrounded by the beautiful European architecture (complete with curious onlookers). Once we got some practice in, we were free to explore Zurich before our team dinner that night. The public transit in Zurich is extremely efficient and extensive, and traveling through the city has been a real treat. Zurich is a lot of things. It’s strikingly modern, but the feeling of an old, European city never quite leaves you. We spent lots of time wandering through curving alleyways but also moving along the river and taking the sights in.


The night’s dinner featured Italian food at a place called Commercio. I recommend the pesto penne, it’s to die for. After dinner, we were allowed to roam for a bit before heading back to the hotel. Personally, we took a walk along the river and grabbed some desserts before heading back, where I then proceeded to sleep like a baby. As awesome as Zurich is, the jet lag is a challenge.


And that’s just day one. Lots more ahead; rugby, culture, everything. Stay tuned y’all.

Rugby love,

Nikki Lee


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