March 18th, 2016

Hello friends and family. T-minus 8 days until our trip to Europe and I could not be more excited. We have all been training and working so hard since before the beginning of the semester in preparation for the tour. From hitting the weight room, to crushing it at practice, everyone of us is ready to take our best selves across the pond.

Recently, the team scrimmaged against the Providence women’s rugby club which was a good experience for both young and old players. It is important to keep our skills honed at all times, especially with upcoming matches against national teams.

A goal for me is to not only continuing to develop my skills and rugby knowledge, but also to help the younger players along the way too. It can be intimidating to one, travel abroad and two, play against a national team with little experience. What is the most beautiful thing about rugby is the amount of trust required from your teammates. Going on tour will develop our trust in one another and further strengthen our bond as a team.  

One more week to get stronger, faster, and smarter on the pitch, and all I can say is “Let’s get it, BBBs!”

-Forrest ‘16


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