March 13th, 2016

This week your favorite ruggers have been hard at work again. We had our usual weight room sessions and  practices, luckily with favorable weather (is it spring here to stay?).  With the weight room, tackling drills, and scrum practice, the players of BWRFC spent the week very sore. I think I heard some forwards say things like, “Did it always hurt to breathe?” “I did not know that muscle could be sore…..I didn’t know that was a muscle.” “Why doesn’t my dorm have an elevator?”. But it was all in good fun, because we know we will have to push ourselves to improve and be ready for tour.  

Sunday afternoon BWRFC scrimmaged against Prov women where we played three 20 minute periods. The pseudo match was a great opportunity for new players, such as myself, to practice 15’s without the pressure of a league match. But even though the match wasn’t official, it was intense. Smart plays were made, impressive tries were scored – you know, the typical stuff from BWRFC.IMGP9237

Overall, the match went well, and I thought it was a needed and appreciated learning experience. The only downside of the match was the ref, I mean who let Kathy Flores call a game?

-Catherine Nacier ’19


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