March 6, 2016

Despite some unseasonably cold weather, the bold women of BWRFC continued our outside practices this week, including a frigid Saturday morning practice followed by lunch at Thom’s house. After practicing in 30 degree weather alongside some players from Prov, we all enjoyed the bountiful food Thom kindly provided and watched a rugby match on TV. Thom commented that he’d finally found the secret to getting a room full of ruggers quiet – 20 pounds of wings and ham.

On the field, we’re working hard to get ready for our first game, a practice match against URI next Saturday. Since we have several new players (yay rookies!), we’ve been focusing a lot on the foundations of tackling and ball handling, while also developing our field positioning and teamwork. Playing 15s along with 7s in the spring definitely gives the new players a unique learning perspective on rugby, and also gives the more experience players both a mental and physical challenge (#scrumweight and sprints?).

We’re all looking forward to seeing the team come together for our first match next weekend, and hopefully we’ll get to see some alums there as well!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.05.21 PM

Ruby Steedle ’18


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