February 29 Update (Happy Leap Day!)

This past week was our first week of OUTDOOR PRACTICES!! Needless to say, I was very excited to get out of the dusty OMAC and into the fresh air. It’s the real sign that spring is coming, and it feels great to be back outside, chilly as it can be. Practice on Thursday was particularly cold and drizzly, and we were playing on the very muddy soccer field (a reminder to everyone – vets and rookies alike! – of how important cleats can be…). The wet conditions definitely made handling extra challenging, but as Kerri reminded us, this is New England and we will probably be playing in wet conditions at least once this spring. Things to work on!

On Thursday we also met our new manager, Mai. She’s going to be helping organize equipment and other logistics for the team, and we’re super excited for her join the family. She also helped out by videoing parts of practice so that we could watch our passing and tackling form.

We also practiced on Saturday (SATURDAY’S A RUGBY DAY!!!), and it was a beautiful, sunny morning! We continued to work on our tackling form and fundamentals, as well as beginning to work on 7s scrumming. We finished off practice by playing some 15s, to keep us thinking about 15s as we get closer and closer to the tour! Later in the day, a bunch of us got together (can’t get enough of each other) to compete in a dodgeball tournament.

A whole bunch of ruggers have had the flu recently, and with midterms approaching everyone’s trying to stay healthy and rested. Hopefully the sick ones will be feeling better and coming back to practice soon!

Sofie Rudin ‘17


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