Player Profile: Daisy Alvarado-Muñoz

Name: Daisy Alvarado-Munoz
Nicknames: Dayz, Bam Bam, Tank, Daisy Cher, but mostly Dayz
Position: Hooker / Prop, but mostly hooker
Year: Class of 2017
Concentration: Education (Human Development)
Relationship Status: U-Haul Lesbian

Forwards or Backs: FORWARDS, there’s no better feeling than a tight scrum 😉
15’s or 7’s: 15s!!!! In the words of Kerri, 7’s is “rugby lite.”
Starbucks or Blue State: Starbucks, I know I’m basic
Antonio’s or Nice Slice: honestly I like this new place called PieZoni’s better
SciLi or Rock: Rock during the day, but SciLi for an all-nighter
Shane or Dana: Dana, let’s face it Shane isn’t the marrying kind

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 7.02.35 PM

Hello BWRFC enthusiasts, I’m Daisy and I love this team!

I joined BWRFC in the spring of my freshman year. It was love at first ruck. Even though I mildly loathe sevens, I love one-on-one breakdowns. There’s no better feeling than pushing someone off the ball (In 15’s, I have been known to disrupt seemingly stable rucks two to three people long). I was immediately drawn to the physical aspect of the sport, however, I remember watching match after match on YouTube during class and still being confused. My first season of 7’s was a slight mess, but it was the perfect introduction to the fast-paced, go-hard-or-go-home mentality that Brown Women’s Rugby brings to the world of college rugby. I will never forget scoring my first try against Columbia…mainly because I stopped right before the try line and then got tackled from behind.

Then fall rolled around and so did 15’s. This particular season, the fall of 2015, was a very historic one for BWRFC because it was our first year as a varsity sport. I still didn’t know the sport very well but I wanted to make our legacy proud. I soon found a home in the scrum as a hooker. There’s literally no safer place in the world than between your two props. I love scrumming. Although the locks and the 8 may disagree, there is literally no better feeling in the world.

One of my fondest rugby memories is when we scrummed our way into the try zone and Lauren (our 8) touched it down for an iced tea. Everyone ran away joyously talking about “that amazing iced tea.” I was beyond confused – where is this iced tea? What flavor is it? How can I get some? Typical tight-five thoughts. Little did I know they were talking about the try we just scored.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 7.03.43 PM(Actual photos from my first outside practice)

Aside from all things rugby: I’m currently a junior and slowly getting overwhelmed with the reality of being a senior next year. At least I know what I want to be, a TEACHER!! However, I don’t know what level or subject yet (Alums, if you have any ideas or strong opinions let me know). I just really love children and the thought of being able to help children understand SohCahToa or Newton’s First Law seems like an awesome way to live life. Aside from education and children, I really like doing my nails, dyeing my hair crazy colors/getting crazy haircuts that I later slightly regret when they’re in an awkward growing out phase, watching Bones/Survivor/MasterChef with my girlfriend, dreaming about traveling the world and owning a corgi someday.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 7.05.00 PM

PS shout out to our AMAZING alums!!! If any of you are ever in Providence and are in the mood for some Caprese, shoot me an email and we’ll go to Federal Hill and get our #ScrumWeight on 😉


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