February 21st, 2016

This week has been all over the place.  The most exciting update is the announcement of the squad who will be flying to Europe over Spring Break for some international rugby shenanigans!  It will be a great group, even though we will miss the rest of the team.  Now we just need to get ourselves really into fundraising mode.  At our team meeting on Wednesday, we talked a lot about different ideas (Josie has some secret woodworking skills?  Who knew?).  We are working hard to get everyone to Europe!  

At the meeting, Kathy also told us about an updated spring schedule.  We will play some Rhode Island schools on March 13, so if you are in the area, you should definitely come check it out.  It has been a long winter, and I know I’m ready to get back on the pitch.

Unfortunately, the opening of our season hit a rough patch with a large portion of the team being sick, including me.  Kathy bumped the scheduled yo-yo test to next week, which means we have longer to prepare…yay?  Maybe we will be able to run it outside, since nobody has fun running in the OMAC.  We can as long as the weather holds up!  Which will also help us be able to actually practice when we are scheduled to.

Sickness didn’t stop a bunch of the team from having a game night on Friday, or from painting our bodies for Becca at the opening lacrosse game on Saturday.  We heckled like champions, especially when we didn’t know what was happening, and the team won!  Plus, we did a great job of embarrassing Becca with our long string of “BECCAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” plastered on our stomachs!  We know she’s still a rugger at heart.


Enjoying the weather and ready to heckle!

We have Monday and Tuesday off this week, and I think the whole team needs the long weekend, especially before hitting our season hard.

-Monica Roth ’16


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