Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

February 14-2016

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you bold, beautiful beasts!

Last night, to get into the festive mood, the team hosted its first social of the semester: Galentine’s Day.

Of course the first social is always the best because:

1) Everyone is back on campus

2) It’s been awhile since we’ve all been together

3) This team is a lot, but I love everyone.

Social captains Beast, Nac and Emma Needham (Uma Thurman?) out did themselves by transforming Blouis (The house in which 9 of our teammates live) into a romantic dreamland with a gigantic bag of gummy worms/bears and tons of snack food to put everyone in the perfect Galentine’s Day spirit and really helped spread the rugby love.

This coming week will also mark some exciting news and big events:

  • Touring Roster will be announced this Wednesday
  • First full practice of the season this Thursday. Re: Fitness Testing

Everyone has been working hard to make the roster of 26 and to really prove themselves on fitness testing. This year Kathy implemented the Yo-Yo test (beep test’s hotter, younger sister), plank, broad jump, and speed acceleration.

I’m super excited to begin my last season as a Brown Varsity Rugby player! This is a great season to end on with all the exciting changes, challenges and tour on the horizon!
-Captain T


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