February 8, 2016: A New Beginning


This semester marks my last semester at Brown and my last semester playing for this team, and while that prospect is daunting at best, it’s also incredibly exciting to be a part of this team while so many things are going on. We’re coming into this semester and our 7s season from a really solid fall 15s season, and even though we only have three 7s tournaments we’re going to go into them strong. We’ve even already had a couple of recruiting events in the last couple of weeks to bring in new players, including the spring activities fair and our first Try Rugby Day of the semester – turnout for the latter wasn’t what we hoped given how many seniors are graduating this year, but we’re still pushing hard for some good spring recruitment numbers.


Recruitment chairs Ruby Steedle (’18) and Nikki Lee (’18) host Try Rugby Day


New recruits learn some team bonding games during Try Rugby Day


Elizabeth Clifton (’18) triumphantly wins the bonding activity

The team has already started training in the weight room, and while official practices haven’t started up yet, we’ve been practicing with Coach Kathy in smaller groups for skills sessions a couple of times a week. It’s awesome to have that time before the season picks up to really focus on our individual skills and handling, but I know I’m looking forward to full team practices where everyone is present and when we can have a more set schedule.


Hannah Yi (’18) and Elizabeth Clifton (’18) after the first skills session of the semester

As the semester begins to pick up a little steam, our fundraising efforts to help out with our Spring Break Europe Tour are picking up as well. We have a fundraising committee that has been tirelessly planning events for fundraising and delegating to subcommittee teams to see that each event is pulled off. Some of our events have seen some unfortunate set backs in just the past couple of days, but we’re moving forward with the rest and doing everything we can to offset the costs of the trip. Regardless, it’s going to be a phenomenal trip for everyone who gets to go, and I can’t wait to see it happen.

However, one of my favorite things being launched this semester is this very blog. Claire Rhee (’16) and I have been putting it together over the last month or two, and we’re both super excited to finally launch it for the team. Our goal is to be able to reach more alums and fans and to give everyone more of a sense of us – the players – the personality of the team. We want to keep everyone updated from our side of things because it’s one thing to hear from coaches, and it’s another thing entirely to hear from the players themselves to see what is actually happening beyond the field. Hopefully we accomplish that, and hopefully we can maintain this blog to replace the newsletter that used to go out – theoretically it’s cheaper and can reach more people, so why would we not?

Needless to say, this semester, and this season, is going to be awesome. Maybe it’s a little early to make that call since practices haven’t truly begun, but I have faith that this team is going to do great things, and however that plays out this semester will be incredible to see.


—Cassie Sutten Coats (’16)


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